Get Ready for a Great Retirement

Retirement is on the horizon
and you are ready to get serious about planning.

This is a critical time. There are opportunities that won’t come again.
Decisions you only get to make once. How can you be confident you are taking the right steps?
Our team of fiduciary financial planners and financial advisors in Louisville have
a process to guide you through it - Maximize Your Opportunity Zone.

  • Your career is healthy, the kids are out of college, and now you can focus on your retirement.
  • You have the chance in the 5 to 10 years leading to retirement to make a drastic difference in your next chapter of life. You can accomplish things unique to this period. We call this the Opportunity Zone.
  • You can accomplish more with a well thought out retirement financial plan. We can help you make the critical retirement choices and leverage investment and tax strategies to set the stage for a great retirement.

Our team includes a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) and two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) – one of the few fiduciary advisory firms in Louisville to include advanced designations in all three disciplines.