About Us

Since the company was founded in 1996, our vision has been to provide the highest quality, objective financial advice to a limited community of like-minded families. We have a unique business structure that allows us to accomplish our vision.

The Community’s Size

The motto of many financial companies is that “bigger is better”. We do not subscribe to this motto at all. In fact, we have a definitive limit on the number of families who will join our community. Once this limit is reached, our practice will “be done” accepting new clients. A limited community such as this has a great deal of benefits for everyone as it allows us to focus all of our time and resources on the management of the community members’ finances and the pursuit of becoming the best financial advisor that we can be.

Partners vs. Employees

The typical financial company will hire expensive staff, including sales people, attorneys, accountants, support staff, etc. These employees require expensive offices, more computers, extensive networks, and multiple layers of management and management headaches. Theoretically, all of these employees are for the clients’ benefit. Realistically, the expense, complexity and management of employees results in either less time to devote to each individual client, or increased total cost.

We also have a wide network of professionals and the ability to employ the right expert for each family’s unique needs. The main difference, however, is that we “partner” with other professionals and professional firms; we don’t hire them as employees. By using the services of the best independent businesses and subcontractors available, we bring our families exactly the expertise and services they need without the overhead. And not only do you benefit from our flexibility to choose the best Partners, but you don’t pay for extra people and office systems that don’t directly benefit you.


Commissions, trails, cross-selling, referral fee arrangements, kickbacks, surrender fees, etc. All these terms are exceedingly common in the financial services industry. 100% of our revenue comes directly from one source, the families in our community. Nothing is hidden from you. Our only incentive is to deliver on our promise to you; that you will continue to make progress towards the fulfillment of your financial goals so that you can have a great life.