HEADER PHOTOS on “Inside” pages: You can customize each page with a unique HEADER PHOTO. On the EDIT PAGE screen, on the right side column, you choose a FEATURED IMAGE for that page. (default size is 1920 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall)… your should resize your image… or you can choose a photo from your MEDIA LIBRARY.


This is the default paragraph style text.

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

the H3 tag and font color is WHITE – so you can’t see it here!

heading 4

heading 5
heading 6

This is blockquote style. To make a blockquote on your page, insert this tag in HTML editing mode : <blockquote> before your text. Then add the closing tag at the end of your quote: </blockquote>.

This is a list style.

  • List item number one. You style this in VISUAL editing mode.
  • Write your list, then highlight the text you want in the list.
  • Then, click the list icon (looks like 3 little circles) on the editing toolbar.
  • Sample list item number 4.

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