Personal CFO

Every successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) knows the value a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) brings to the table. Having a CFO allows the CEO to focus on the mission and growth goals of the business. A good CFO will be a strategic partner and advisor to the CEO, providing financial leadership in support of its mission. A CFO's role includes developing a business strategy and forecasting for the future, overseeing the company's financial activities, managing risks, and reporting the CEO's historical reporting results.

Families can benefit from a Chief Financial Officer just as a business does. Just as a good CEO does not have to do it all, neither do you.

As your Personal Financial Officer, Pillar will provide financial leadership and fill a role similar to a CFO.
This role will include:

  • Document and analyze your current financial situation
  • Develop a cohesive financial strategy that supports your vision of the future
  • Structure and implement an investment strategy that fits in and supports your financial plan
  • Coordinate your financial strategy and your tax planning to minimize taxes now and in the future
  • Identify potential areas of financial risk and formulate strategies to deal with them efficiently
  • Review your situation and strategy regularly to monitor your progress and make changes as necessary
  • Coordinate with other financial professionals to ensure your entire financial life is in alignment
  • Assist you through any financial decisions, big or small