Make Your Retirement Great by Maximizing Your Opportunity Zone




Between the kids graduating college and retirement, the years we call the Opportunity Zone, you have the chance to make a dramatic impact on your retirement budget and lifestyle. Some of those opportunities expire and some are once-in-a-lifetime choices. Choose wrong and you’ll be stuck with it for your whole retirement.

You are a successful professional and want to be a successful retiree. To get there you need expert guidance on preparations and decisions. The challenge is finding a fiduciary advisor who can guide you through them. We want you to have the best retirement possible. We have drawn on our decades of advisory experience to design a strategy that has helped scores of people maximize the years heading into retirement – Your Opportunity Zone.

Pillar is one of very few fiduciary, fee-only financial advisor firms in Louisville or Lexington that brings together the three critical disciplines you need to plan your retirement. We have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), and two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). Together we can help you make the right retirement decisions.

Stop stressing about preparing for retirement and gain confidence and peace of mind with a plan to make the most of Your Opportunity Zone.

Project Needs and Resources

Planning starts with mapping out your income needs and making sure you have enough.

Stress Test Investments and Taxes

Get the right balance of risks and returns and create a strategy to minimize tax.

Enjoy a Rewarding Retirement

With a solid plan, we monitor and update consistently, you can relax and enjoy retirement.