What is a “fee-only” advisor and why is it important to me?

A fee-only advisor is legally bound to advise and make recommendations that always put your best interests first. This is what is known as a fiduciary level of care.

Pillar Financial Advisors is a fee-only advisor which simply means that 100% of our compensation comes directly from the fees paid by our clients. We do not receive or accept commissions from any of the financial vehicles we recommend. We do not accept compensation from any brokerage firm, mutual fund, or insurance company. Likewise, we do not accept referral fees from any professional we may recommend you work with.

As a client of Pillar Financial Advisors, the fee you pay us covers all of the services we offer. We want you to receive the maximum benefit of working with us by taking advantage of the complete Pillar Process which goes well beyond investment advice.

Our fee structure provides you with full transparency and no surprises, you always know exactly what you are paying for our services. And you can take comfort in the fact that we act as a fiduciary, requiring that we always place your best interests first.